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Quality Policy

ISO13485:2016 certification

Immuno Probe Co., Ltd. has acquired an ISO13485 certification by meeting the international standards for quality management systems for medical devices and related products. Immuno Probe 's management philosophy is to maintain the stable supply of clinical diagnostics. On the basis of this philosophy of management, all of the employees actively promote the following principles of our quality policy, aiming to maintain the company that is always trusted for its unwavering quality.

Quality Policy

  • Satisfy the demands of our customers and the requirements of the related laws and regulations, steadily providing the products, the technology, and the information that gives top priority to quality and safety.
  • In order to ensure implementation of the quality policy, establish quality objectives and ensure that these objectives are accomplished.
    Moreover, periodically revise and upgrade these quality objectives.
  • Create and employ a quality management system, continuously improve the efficiency of the system by management reviews, becoming a company that is competitively strong.